Magic Chic Body Milk and Eau de Toilette


Hello ladies,

I’m back with a review on the Magic Chic Body Milk and Eau de Toilette. I was on the lookout for something light and fresh for the summer but didn’t know quite what I wanted. Luckily, my friend returned home from a very nice vacation in Spain and brought me these babies  as a gift. Just look at the adorable bottles! I love nice packaging. I had some  disappointments in the past due to my addiction to pretty things, but not this time!

The Body Milk is very light and hydrating which I love, because I have oily dehydrated skin and I cannot stand the thick body butters that leave a greasy film after the application.

Both the Body Milk and Eau de Toilette smell incredible. They have a sophisticated floral scent that lasts all day and even more if you apply them on top of each other.

I declare myself pleased and very thankful for such a great gift. I am going on vacation soon and I will definitely take these cute bottles with me so that I can feel fresh and sophisticated at the sea side.

I hope you enjoyed this short post. If you want me to list the ingredients as I did for the Hot Pink BB Cream please let me know in the comments below.

Also I am experimenting with blog photography so If you have any tips and tricks on that you are more than welcome to share them in the comments section as well.

Thanks for your time!






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